Welcome to the Women’s Studies Dropout Drop-In!

This is a blog where a group of feminist friends and peers will be posting about the feminist articles they have been reading with their responses, questions, and ideas and/or commenting on the feminist issues they are encountering in their daily lives.  We will be learning new things, asking for help, exchanging opinions, discovering new perspectives, and maybe even disagreeing (as people sometimes do).

We’re no longer in school (well, most of us) but we are still reading, thinking and doing feminist work out in the real world—whether it is big stuff or small stuff.  But we want to keep our ‘class discussion’ going to exchange resources, develop our ideas, enhance our work, and listen in on what our fellow feminist friends are talking and thinking about.  We hope to build a network of supportive feminists who become stronger, more informed, and more effective by working, learning, and thinking together.

We hope you find the discussions interesting, thought-provoking and fruitful.  This is a little bit of an experiment as we attempt to maintain the discourse through responding to each other either in comments or posted responses.  Feel free to join in with questions and constructive comments and help us keep the conversations going!