L posted an article a few days ago “The Many Misguided Reasons Famous Ladies Say ‘I’m not a feminist'” and I’ve reflected on it a bit knowing that my first post was due for this blog.

“Are you a feminist?” is an ever popular question for the leading ladies of our culture, one that I find tedious knowing that the term “feminist” does not mean the same thing to everyone. Many view the word negatively, and despite visibly demonstrating pro-feminist stances refuse to allow themselves to be labelled as such.

I spent 27 months living in Ghana, West Africa as an environmental volunteer for the Peace Corps. There I met and befriended the most fiercely independent women that I will most likely ever meet. Feminism exists on a completely different level in Ghana. These women rule their families and their communities all in an effort to survive and better their lives. Being a feminist isn’t a choice, it’s a way of life. It is life. And believe it or not, Ghana is miles ahead of the USA in terms of equality for women. But more on that another time.

I never discussed feminism with my Ghanaian friends because I never had to. Now, hearing the female “role models” of our culture reject feminism both scares and worries me especially during these strange political times.

Through this blog I’d like to explore feminism on all levels, but first I thought it best to question how feminism exists in our culture and why the question “Are you a feminist?” receives so many mixed answers.