BuzzFeed is an awesome place. It is usually just hilariously entertaining, but occasionally it really hits the gold mine.  Recently, I saw the title on twitter and later sat down to watch the very short (37 sec) video.  37 seconds says EVERYTHING:

Watch Photoshop Transform This “Average” Woman Into A Real-Life Barbie In 37 Seconds

This video, created by, is part of a campaign that would make publications include disclaimers if models have been significantly airbrushed or Photoshopped.

There is not really anything for me to say.  The woman at the end is, of course, very attractive, but we cannot even attain that physical shape or beauty!  Why do we continue to show altered pictures in magazines, newspapers and Facebook that portray a life that is not physically, humanly possible? Defying logic a bit here.

I am guilty of it too.  Airbrush here, teeth whiten there, throw a filter on.  It seems simple, harmless, but where do we cross the line?  It is this kind of non-realistic expectations that cause women to want plastic surgery and develop eating disorders and depression.

Watch that last gif again (BuzzFeed allows you to watch it on infinite loop).  Is this normal?  If so, why do we accept this as normal?