Rather recently, George R. R. Martin’s book series A Song of Ice and Fire, commonly referred to as the Game of Thrones series, has skyrocketed in popularity. I’ll admit that I started watching the HBO series before reading the books, but it didn’t take long before I dove head-first into them. Not long into the series, I discovered that I really dreaded the chapters from one particular character’s point of view. I found myself loathing Sansa Stark chapters, as well as anytime she made an appearance in other chapters. I am most definitely not the only one. Last week, this article found it’s way to me, and it really made me think about the reasons I disliked her as a character. Fair warning, spoilers can be found within the article. I myself don’t despise Sansa because she is feminine, as the article argues, but because she seems to willing to give up her agency and allow others to make decisions about her, for her. She allows herself to be the pawn in other people’s plays for power. Have you ever heard of an argument being made where viewers or readers hate a character based on their feminine qualities? I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a male character being vilified for messing up while being too masculine.