Hi all,

Sorry I’ve been slacking on posts recently. Full time job + night classes + life = a lot.

I thought it would be cool to start a new ongoing thread about other awesome feminist blogs that we find on the interwebs (or elsewhere!).

I recently stumbled across TYCI on Soundcloud (via my Lauren Mayberry and CHVRCHES related feeds) and was excited to discover that they not only have an awesome self-produced monthly podcast but also a blog, zine, radio show, and cool events (sadly in the UK) that help raise money for different charities that support women.

Here is what they say about themselves on their website:

TYCI is a collective run by women.

On this website, we explore and celebrate all things femme, providing an open forum for discussion and a place to share ideas and make connections. We write about things which affect us and put together features on art, theatre, music, film, politics, current affairs and most things in between.”

It’s been so refreshing to listen to commentary about female artists that actually has to do with their talent and musical ability rather than their appearance and/or who they’re dating.

You should definitely check them out!