You might not have noticed, but October marked the second anniversary of our Dropout Drop-In blog!  It’s hard to believe two whole years have passed since L started us off, but on the other hand, it’s amazing how much ground we’ve covered since then.

As of this writing, our humble little experiment boasts more than 100 posts covering an impressive range of topics.  At the very least, the blog has offered a place where we’ve wrestled with what it means to be a woman in today’s society and how we, as individuals, handle the various challenges womanhood presents in that society.  We have shared many personal accounts of triumphs and disappointments, and I believe, have helped each other think critically about our own experiences.

In addition, while this blogging experience has made me more aware of women’s issues in the media, the workplace, and the world, I think L had amazing foresight when starting this blog.  In the two short years since we began, many women’s’ issues have exploded into the public consciousness.  We’ve seen Gamergate and renewed debates regarding online harassment.  Sports stars violently thrust domestic violence into the media.  Influential works by Sheryl Sandberg and Anne Marie Slaughter have wrestled with workplace issues.  Topics from gender identity to children’s toys have seen their discourses transformed.  The Women’s Studies Drop Out Drop-In has given us a place to grapple with these topics and work out where we stand.

Looking to the future, this blog remains a valuable place for us to explore what feminism means for our  lives.  I look forward to sharing many more thoughts with you and hope to be challenged by yours in return.  Here’s to another fruitful year dropping out!