Remember Conan Obrien’s Clueless Gamer segments?  Remember how I spilled 1,850 words back in June dissecting these segments in damning detail, revealing Conan as a Sexist Creep?

Guess what?!  Clueless Gamer was so popular with the gaming community that it’s getting its own show on TBS!  Surprise!  (Were you surprised?  If you were, may I recommend some of Feminist Frequency‘s Tropes vs. Women in Video Games videos?)

According to initial reports, Conan will be an executive producer for the show but won’t host.  If the previous segments tell us anything, this is probably a good thing.  Despite my ruthless take-down of his Witcher 3 review, he shows no remorse:

Asked about his favorite game in a Reddit AMA, Conan responded, “Witcher 3, because I got to have sex on a unicorn. When that game comes out in VR, you’ll never see me again.”

On the other hand, there have been 4 new Clueless Gamer segments since my original post. Perhaps things have changed?

First up, the Gears of War 4 review (October 2016) is essentially sexism free, but given that it’s a violent, futuristic shooter game, that’s a low bar.  Same for the Battlefield 1 review (December 2016): lots of heads get blown off, but no sexism (no women either).   The Final Fantasy XV review (November 2016) was more promising.  The segment included a little bit of innuendo, but Conan (or his editors) didn’t take some obvious opportunities for sexist banter, namely 1) a lady with boobs barely contained in her bra, and 2) a man & woman sitting together on a bed. Giving Conan credit for not taking easy sexism opportunities is a little sad, but his previous work was so terrible that this seems like progress.  Finally, Conan stumbles in the February 2017 For Honor Super Bowl segment when Tom Brady’s choice of a female character avatar confuses him.

All in all, these new segments didn’t creep me out as much as some previous examples, but I hesitate to call this progress.  The sample size is small and the game genres didn’t offer as many opportunities. I will continue to be vigilant!