Wedding season is fast approaching!  After a short discussion with MT about navigating the fraught waters of acceptable formal wear, I was inspired to share some of my favorite red carpet moments of WOMEN IN SUITS!

I like wearing dresses, but other women do not feel as comfortable or authentic in them, and can struggle to find formal wear that fits both them, their style, and what others will find acceptable at fancy events.  Luckily, women in suits are becoming more common on the red carpet, proving that you can traverse the gender lines of fashion without turning the world upside down. (Besides, women have been wearing menswear since there was such a thing.)

Also, women in suits on the red carpet are also proving that menswear doesn’t have to be blasé.  Women (and men) in suits can be classic, high-fashion, experimental, fun, and/or bold if they want to be.  So grab your attitude, grab your style, and put on your top hat and white tie!

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I’m just waiting for Florence to come out rocking some whimsical menswear from Gucci one of these days! Other women to check out for their well-suited red carpet style might be: Cate Blanchett, Rihanna (of course!), Victoria Beckham, Solange, and Stella McCartney.

And perhaps my current reigning queen of the red carpet suit (and a red carpet queen in general), just google ‘Janelle Monae suit’ and you are sure to see some fantastic stuff!