Class is in session and it is never going to end!

Welcome to the Women’s Studies Dropout!

This blog began when one of us dropped out of a Women’s Studies Master’s program.  But the need for continuous discourse on feminism (and intersectional feminism!) was too powerful!  And so this blog was born!

Here feminist friends and thinkers across the country have been able to keep the conversations that may have started in a Women’s Studies classroom (even if it was years and years ago) going strong.  We’re no longer in school (well, most of us) but we are still reading, thinking, and doing feminist work out in the real world—whether it is big stuff or small stuff. Some of us have advanced degrees, some of us don’t.  Some of us read a lot, some of us watch a lot of movies, some of us do both, some of us do neither.

We write about and respond to feminist articles/books we’ve been reading.  We ask questions and work through things that have got us confused, stressed, angry, excited, hopeful and inspired.  We share ideas, we share resources, we share our work. We tell stories of the feminist issues we encounter in our daily lives, in our families, in the workplace, on our travels, in our communities, and everywhere else besides.  We learn new things, ask for help, exchange opinions, discover new perspectives, and maybe even disagree (as people sometimes do).

We hope you find the discussions interesting, thought-provoking, and fruitful.  We’d love to hear what you think in the comments but it’s also cool if all you want to do is listen in on what your fellow feminists are talking and thinking about. We hope to build a network of supportive feminists who become stronger, more informed, and more effective by working, learning, and thinking together.

Disclaimer: This is a space of collaboration, support, patience, love, open-mindedness, and unapologetic feminism. If we think your comment is not in this spirit, we will expunge it because nobody got time for h8rs, shame, garbage behavior, or body snarking.

Interested in contributing?

Got something on your mind? Interested in writing for the Dropout? Let us know!

We are also interested in featuring photography, art, and poetry in addition to written work (although we are not currently featuring fiction work).

Disclaimer: This blog is a hobby project worked on by volunteers.  We are not in a position to pay contributors at this time.

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