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Venn Diagram (a poem for Galentine’s Day)

Friends who I can talk to about Tarot Friends who I can talk to about music Friends who I can talk to about literature Friends who I can talk to about film   Friends who I can talk to about... Continue Reading →


What’s Left of My Heart’s Still Made of Gold

It has been impossible not to have Kesha on my mind or playing through my speakers lately, and over the past year.  So many women, and people in general, have been leaning on her latest album, Rainbow, to give them the strength,... Continue Reading →

Ladies Who Wrecked the Golden Globes

I didn't want to watch Golden Globes, because I gave up on them last year and it felt amazing to have that Sunday evening to myself.  This year, underwhelmed and unfamiliar with most of the films and shows, at the... Continue Reading →

And Another Reason to Love Moana

There are many reasons to love the movie Moana, the 2016 Disney animation about a young Polynesian girl struggling to both heal her island and to realize her full potential.  When watching in theatres, I found myself in tears as... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Out of 5 Million Why We Should Be Excited About a Woman Doctor

I absolutely refuse to be anything but SUPER PUMPED about Jodie Whittaker being cast as the next regeneration of the Doctor on Doctor Who. I, like perhaps lots of other Whovians, had an inkling that a female doctor might be... Continue Reading →

What kind of dad are we being sold?

We talk a lot about how femininity is packaged and sold to little girls.  We talk about how beauty and self-value through it is packaged and sold to women.  These days we might even be talking more about how we... Continue Reading →

Suits & Attitude

Wedding season is fast approaching!  After a short discussion with MT about navigating the fraught waters of acceptable formal wear, I was inspired to share some of my favorite red carpet moments of WOMEN IN SUITS! I like wearing dresses,... Continue Reading →


When registering for the Women's March on Washington, it asked me why I was marching. I'm not sure if I am done with this yet but in honor of the march this weekend, here it is. marching I am marching ... Continue Reading →

Dear Male Colleague

I started writing this to a specific person after dealing with a situation I found difficult in my professional life.  But looking back on it, I think the message in this letter was bigger than just this one situation, it... Continue Reading →

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