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A Feminist Hearth

As a 21st century, American, urban dweller, I've always had a romantic notion of the home fireplace.  I didn't have one growing up, but the concept always conjured images of cozy,  contented evenings basking in the warm glow of blissful... Continue Reading →


I’m a Housewife

Hi, I'm MT. Nice to meet you.  How do you know the bride and groom? ... Oh, wonderful!  I went to college with the groom. ... What do I do? I'm a housewife. You look confused and uncomfortable. . .... Continue Reading →

Wear something dressier than jeans

As L alluded in her previous post, I recently got caught in "the fraught waters of acceptable formal wear."  As a dedicated amateur singer, I cantor for a church on a regular basis and wasn't too surprised when the music... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Wonder Woman

I just went to see the new Wonder Woman movie and brought back so many thoughts I couldn't keep myself from writing a post about it.  If you haven't seen the film, you might want to see it before reading... Continue Reading →

Ladies I Love: Sabine Schmitz

As I've mentioned before, the feminist revolution can be daunting sometimes.  The sexism seems too systemic, the misogyny too frightening, and the infighting too viscous.  We start to feel like our contributions can't possibly make a difference.  To beat back... Continue Reading →

Conan the Sexist Creep: An Update

Remember Conan Obrien's Clueless Gamer segments?  Remember how I spilled 1,850 words back in June dissecting these segments in damning detail, revealing Conan as a Sexist Creep? Guess what?!  Clueless Gamer was so popular with the gaming community that it's getting... Continue Reading →

Women can’t wear ‘redneck’ as a badge of honor

Over the winter break, I took a stab at my reading list and finished White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg.  As the title suggests, the author writes about class and race, arguing that... Continue Reading →

Owning Our Villians

As we've written here in the past, the National Women's History Museum is fantastic and everyone should subscribe to their Facebook feed to see a procession of mini biographies for great women in history.  The posts highlight women's accomplishments and... Continue Reading →

The Eugenics of Shaving

Body hair removal . . . that thing we all do because everyone else does it, even though our feminist instincts gnaw at us.  The Guilty Feminist even did a hair removal episode recently, so we know it's an issue.... Continue Reading →

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