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So Yesterday

The first CDs I ever owned were Hilary Duff's Metamorphosis and Ashlee Simpson's Autobiography. Come Clean is my #1 karaoke choice to this day. While listening to these tracks makes me cringe (much like early 2000s fashion), they are also... Continue Reading →


Lets (listen) about sex

As someone who constantly wants to learn, podcasts have been a godsend.  I can plug myself in, walk to school/do the dishes/clean my room/eat dinner and learn about life at the same time?!  LOVE IT.  All podcasts, of course, are... Continue Reading →

White Feminism & Race

Intersectionality is the new buzzword and it rocks. Intersectionality is a concept often used in critical theories to describe the ways in which oppressive institutions (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, classism, etc.) are interconnected and cannot be examined separately... Continue Reading →

Recovery and our Inner Warrior Goddess

The death card is one of my favorite Tarot cards. Bordered by circles of blue lifelines, the card beautifully demonstrates the concept of letting one thing go to make way for the new.  This concept is also reflected in eastern... Continue Reading →

An Insight Into the 21st Century Man: Feminist and Sexist

A online study of 818 men was published recently, entitled: The Shriver Report Snapshot: An Insight Into the Modern American Man.  The survey reports to be representative of the adult male population and explores potentially controversial and sensitive topics such... Continue Reading →

DGAF & other tips to succeed

Why Are We Waiting So Long To Not GAF? Article 1 By Jaya Saxena A few weeks ago, I read this spectacular article entitled: Why are we waiting so long to not GAF? In the article, Ms. Saxena is thinking about... Continue Reading →

Feminism: Gloria Steinem and Black Women

  Gloria Steinem & Dorothy Pitman-Hughes While at the Black Enterprise’s Women Of Power Summit Gloria Steinem (a noted feminist) made some important comments on race and feminism.  Back in the 1970s Steinem made some "courageous" moves to place a... Continue Reading →

Female Rockstar/ Feminist Anthem

Just wanted to share this Gem/Froot from a female and feminist rockstar! Some lines have really sparked debate about what feminism is, but I feel all Marina is saying that women can be whatever the heck they want to be!... Continue Reading →


I love cool makeup. Neon eyeliner, red lips, purple lips... whatever you want, I think its cool. I even try it myself with varying degrees of success. However, what I think attracts me the most to this world of cosmetics... Continue Reading →

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