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What’s Left of My Heart’s Still Made of Gold

It has been impossible not to have Kesha on my mind or playing through my speakers lately, and over the past year.  So many women, and people in general, have been leaning on her latest album, Rainbow, to give them the strength,... Continue Reading →


Does ignoring trolls actually stop trolling? What realities does this create for women online?

I (haphazardly) follow the work of outspoken and feminist writer Lindy West.  West recently published a thought-provoking piece about ‘trolling’ and its effect on her.  West sums up her experience thusly: “I’m a writer and a woman and a feminist,... Continue Reading →

Complicity with Abuse

Abuse has been in the news lately.  We’ve had female video game developers and feminist media critics fleeing their homes and cancelling public events after disgusting threats on their lives.  We’ve had concerned mothers advocating more gun regulation threatened and... Continue Reading →

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