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Why I don’t wear Chanel

Ok, this post is a bit of a delayed reaction. And ok, there are probably other reasons why I don't wear Chanel. ($$$) But as someone who is sort of a hobbyist for fashion, I got fed up with Chanel... Continue Reading →


Female Artists Are Not Their Characters (More Women Owing Their Artistry)

Many moons ago, I wrote a post about Women Artists Owning Their Artistry.  That post focused on journalism and the media's insistence on talking to women artists about the lucky nature of their success and talent, rather than engaging with... Continue Reading →

Check out truth-speaking illustrations by artist Carol Rossetti

Have you seen these illustrations about women and their stories about their bodies.  Brazilian artist Carol Rossetti manages to capture the reality of the way women's bodies are objectified and used to oppress them . . . but she also... Continue Reading →

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