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What kind of dad are we being sold?

We talk a lot about how femininity is packaged and sold to little girls.  We talk about how beauty and self-value through it is packaged and sold to women.  These days we might even be talking more about how we... Continue Reading →


Watch Out! You might be wearing the rainforest.

I am passionate about environmentalism and climate change.  I was reading an article on one of my go-to eco-news sites and learned that I might be wearing materials made from pulped forests (with a heavy dose of toxic sludge). I... Continue Reading →

Putting on your face properly

This 'pin' popped up on on my pinterest feed recently. Almost immediately I went to "like" it. Once you get past eyeliners in cool colors, I am someone who has trouble with make-up and understanding what all the different products... Continue Reading →

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