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Watch Out! You might be wearing the rainforest.

I am passionate about environmentalism and climate change.  I was reading an article on one of my go-to eco-news sites and learned that I might be wearing materials made from pulped forests (with a heavy dose of toxic sludge). I... Continue Reading →


Women & Energy: An Important but Underappreciated Dynamic

Last week, as I read through a scholarly article about social science-based energy research, I was surprised to see “Gender and Identity” in the list of promising though underdeveloped research areas.  I shouldn’t have been surprised.  While under-appreciated, gender interacts... Continue Reading →

Eco-Feminism – Just scratching the surface

L encouraged me to write about the environment and how it relates to women, specifically about female environmentalists that I may have known from living in Ghana or from my current work. This came as an interesting topic so I... Continue Reading →

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