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Feminism: Gloria Steinem and Black Women

  Gloria Steinem & Dorothy Pitman-Hughes While at the Black Enterprise’s Women Of Power Summit Gloria Steinem (a noted feminist) made some important comments on race and feminism.  Back in the 1970s Steinem made some "courageous" moves to place a... Continue Reading →


Talking About Bias; Speaking While Female

Do we need feminism?/Does sexism still exist?             A few months ago during a discussion regarding feminism and women’s rights, a friend of mine expressed the following: “What more is there for feminism to do?” A crushing statement.  Ironically, this student... Continue Reading →

#GIRLBOSS Lessons from Chapter 2

Chapter 2: How I Became a #GIRLBOSS?  In this chapter, Amoruso takes us through how she went from being an ID checker at a university to creating and running her company, Nasty Gal.  It's a good story to read if... Continue Reading →

Educate me about feminism

I read this pretty great post last week about trying to talk to someone about feminism and it basically summed up the types of responses men and even some women give in regard to feminism today. It can be so... Continue Reading →

Disregarding Gender Stereotypes

Society finds refuge in stereotypes because it provides a safe-zone where you aren’t required to really know someone as an individual and can instead fill in the gaps with prefabricated ideas. Stereotypes are efficient – they are time-savers.  As hard... Continue Reading →

Are you a feminist?

L posted an article a few days ago "The Many Misguided Reasons Famous Ladies Say 'I'm not a feminist'" and I've reflected on it a bit knowing that my first post was due for this blog. "Are you a feminist?" is... Continue Reading →

Class in in session . . . and it is never going to end!

Welcome to the Women's Studies Dropout Drop-In! This is a blog where a group of feminist friends and peers will be posting about the feminist articles they have been reading with their responses, questions, and ideas and/or commenting on the... Continue Reading →

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