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Conan the Sexist Creep: An Update

Remember Conan Obrien's Clueless Gamer segments?  Remember how I spilled 1,850 words back in June dissecting these segments in damning detail, revealing Conan as a Sexist Creep? Guess what?!  Clueless Gamer was so popular with the gaming community that it's getting... Continue Reading →


Conan the Sexist Creep

Anita Sarkeesian and her team at Feminist Frequency have spent the last few years discussing "representations of women in pop culture narratives,"  particularly through a series of great videos documenting a range of tropes and other sexist trends, particularly in video... Continue Reading →

Tampon Run

Morghan's recent post about feminine hygiene products perfectly set the stage for what I wanted to write about this week! Last month I came across this great article about two high school coders who have created a fun, online computer... Continue Reading →

Blogs We Love: Feminist Frequency

To continue the "Blogs We Love" thread I'd like to introduce one of my new finds, Feminist Frequency and it's accompanying YouTube channel.  Led by media critic Anita Sarkeesian, this site presents "a video webseries that explores the representations of women... Continue Reading →

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