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A Feminist Hearth

As a 21st century, American, urban dweller, I've always had a romantic notion of the home fireplace.  I didn't have one growing up, but the concept always conjured images of cozy,  contented evenings basking in the warm glow of blissful... Continue Reading →


Owning Our Villians

As we've written here in the past, the National Women's History Museum is fantastic and everyone should subscribe to their Facebook feed to see a procession of mini biographies for great women in history.  The posts highlight women's accomplishments and... Continue Reading →

Drunk Historians for the Win!

Back in July 2016, I told you about the television show Drunk History on the Comedy Central network.  To recap, The show's creator gets a storyteller drunk and the storyteller then attempts to tell the audience an interesting story about... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Follow the National Women’s History Museum

Somehow or other I came to follow the National Women's History Museum on Facebook.  I think it is one of the best social media decisions I have ever made. The National Women's History Museum, which currently only exists online--- they... Continue Reading →


Next week the independent film Belle will hit theatres in the USA.  I had the privilege of seeing the film in February at the Athena Film Festival in NYC. Belle is an historical drama based on the real life of... Continue Reading →

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