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19 Practical Steps You Can Take to Making Your Workplace Better for Women

Inspired by 35 Practical Steps Men Can Take to Support Feminism, here are some practical steps men and women can take (and are taking) to make the workplace better for women that go beyond the obvious of don't touch, harass,... Continue Reading →


Do What You Love?

I was planning to write a long piece about contraception as a vehicle for economic opportunity, but found the recent vitriol swirling around this topic too depressing.  Instead, I will leave you with a thought provoking article I came across... Continue Reading →

Hunter/gatherer and gender equality: pervasive patriarchy?

During a discussion today about women’s issues, I came across a question regarding the equality of men and women in our hunter/gatherer history.  Is the predominant story of pervasive patriarchy an accurate description of our anthropological history?  Were women always... Continue Reading →

Decline in American Masculinity, Blame Women or the Economy?

A couple weeks ago Jezebel did an article covering a recent piece by Rachel Burger for Forbes that argued that feminism should not be blamed for the decline in the achieve-ability of American Masculinity (aka the 'feminization' of America) but... Continue Reading →

More Work for Mother: Part 1

As a PhD student interested in technology and its role in society, professors are always suggesting interesting reading material.  Of course, I never read most of it, but this blog gave me a good excuse to finally read Ruth Schwartz... Continue Reading →

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