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5 Reasons Out of 5 Million Why We Should Be Excited About a Woman Doctor

I absolutely refuse to be anything but SUPER PUMPED about Jodie Whittaker being cast as the next regeneration of the Doctor on Doctor Who. I, like perhaps lots of other Whovians, had an inkling that a female doctor might be... Continue Reading →


Podcasts We Love: The Guilty Feminist

I'm a feminist, but --- when TwoEsforMee recommended The Guilty Feminist podcast in April, and then again in July, it wasn't until she bugged me a third time two weeks later that I actually listened to an episode. We are... Continue Reading →

Answers to Problems

I had a blog draft started that talked about all the frustrations and anger and general mixed emotions I’ve been feeling over the past couple months as well as the wonderful conversations that have resulted from national news stories like... Continue Reading →

Blogs We Love: Feminist Frequency

To continue the "Blogs We Love" thread I'd like to introduce one of my new finds, Feminist Frequency and it's accompanying YouTube channel.  Led by media critic Anita Sarkeesian, this site presents "a video webseries that explores the representations of women... Continue Reading →

Women & Energy: An Important but Underappreciated Dynamic

Last week, as I read through a scholarly article about social science-based energy research, I was surprised to see “Gender and Identity” in the list of promising though underdeveloped research areas.  I shouldn’t have been surprised.  While under-appreciated, gender interacts... Continue Reading →

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