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Beyond the Lights shows the whole picture of the violence of commodification

I recently had the opportunity to finally watch Beyond the Lights (Thanks Netflix!).  I was excited to watch another film starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw (from Belle) and also Minnie Driver (who rocks), and by a female writer-director (Gina Prince-Bythewood), but I... Continue Reading →


Can it be true? Pop music celebrating healthy relationships?

I've wanted to write a post about popular music for a while, but the content eluded me.  At one point I wanted to write about alternative conceptions of female beauty in music, but could only think of Queen's Fat Bottomed... Continue Reading →

Female Rockstar/ Feminist Anthem

Just wanted to share this Gem/Froot from a female and feminist rockstar! Some lines have really sparked debate about what feminism is, but I feel all Marina is saying that women can be whatever the heck they want to be!... Continue Reading →

Women are rockstars too!

I'm coming off my high of seeing Sleater-Kinney completely blow away Terminal 5 in NYC last weekend and thinking a lot about this article I read earlier this week about the lack of female musicians booked for festivals in the... Continue Reading →

A Feminist Music Year in Review: according to BuzzFeed

Buzzfeed has posted a few articles regarding Feminism in 2014. I came across this article, and as someone who is always listening to music, I was surprised to have never heard of a good majority of these. Either I live... Continue Reading →

"I’m having a hard day."

[Forewarning: this isn’t an in-depth, analytical post, but it’s something that I wanted to discuss. Just go with it.] Last week, I attended an Ingrid Michaelson concert with my sister. This is nothing that’s out of the ordinary, as we... Continue Reading →

Rebel against sexism

I could write pages and pages of adoring commentary about Janelle Monae and what a role model she is for women, minorities, musicians, artists, etc. Instead, I thought I would post this video and let her speak for herself: Continue Reading →

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