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Over the last few months, I’ve sat down to write this blog post numerous times, and ended up staring at my computer screen. I’ve been struggling with my thoughts and how best to piece them together on a page so... Continue Reading →


Professional Tips: small progress + the right tools

I've been totally swamped recently and while I have had many thoughts and articles I've wanted to write about... I am totally not ready.  However, there are a few things I have seen recently that I'd love to share!  Be... Continue Reading →

DGAF & other tips to succeed

Why Are We Waiting So Long To Not GAF? Article 1 By Jaya Saxena A few weeks ago, I read this spectacular article entitled: Why are we waiting so long to not GAF? In the article, Ms. Saxena is thinking about... Continue Reading →

Revisiting our "innate" abilities

In recent months, I've been trying things I'd always assumed I'd fail at.  To my surprise, I haven't come out that badly and I've started to wonder two things: 1) why did I think I couldn't do this and 2)... Continue Reading →


Recently,I was reading through my roommate’s Cosmo (not everyone’s favorite magazine, I know), and I came across a little piece about Sheryl Sandberg and her company LeanIn.  I’m still not quite sure what her company is because I was too... Continue Reading →

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