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sexual assault

Mattress Piece/ Carry That Weight

These past couple months have been filled with discussions about women’s rights, especially after the release of the Ray Rice video and countless private photos of female celebrities.  While many have been railing against the NFL’s treatment of the situation... Continue Reading →


Rape & Consent: presence of “No” or lack of “yes”

This post seems all the more relevant with the new GoT discussion of "was it consensual?" * Definition of consent: Consent is generally defined as “permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.”  However, this definition is still... Continue Reading →

Rape the other girl

As seen on the internet:  If you're promoting changes to women's behavior to "prevent" rape, you're really saying "make sure he rapes the other girl". THIS. I have never thought about it in this context that’s actually really, really creepy.... Continue Reading →

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