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Gender Roles & Children’s Toys: An Intractable Challenge

We've discussed gender roles and children's toys here at this blog (see our Lammily and GoldieBlox posts for example), and it is heartening to hear that major retailers like Target¬†are moving away from gender-based labeling/shelving for their toy offerings. ¬†When... Continue Reading →


Meet Lammily

Have you guys heard the buzz about the new Lammily doll? The Lammily doll is a new doll created by artist Nicholay Lamm, that he designed to have the average body proportions of an American 19 year-old. When I first... Continue Reading →

Pink Christmas

With the holidays swiftly approaching (although by the looks of stores, the holidays have been here since October) I've been thinking a lot about gift-giving. Specifically, I've been thinking a lot about gifts for children. My boyfriend's niece, Annaliese, was... Continue Reading →

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