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The Eugenics of Shaving

Body hair removal . . . that thing we all do because everyone else does it, even though our feminist instincts gnaw at us.  The Guilty Feminist even did a hair removal episode recently, so we know it's an issue.... Continue Reading →


A field guide to the beach bodies of Oahu

I had the good fortune to spend a week in Hawaii back in January, although I'm not really a tropical island person.  I've never really understood the appeal of the beach  -- I sunburn instantly and don't really like being... Continue Reading →

In bid to win over female fans, Marvel unveils . . . Spider Woman’s naked butt?

After reading the previous post on the new Thor, I had to mention this latest comic book-feminism clash! Again Marvel is the center of criticism around its depiction of female superheros after it released the cover image for the new... Continue Reading →

Meet Lammily

Have you guys heard the buzz about the new Lammily doll? The Lammily doll is a new doll created by artist Nicholay Lamm, that he designed to have the average body proportions of an American 19 year-old. When I first... Continue Reading →

Putting on your face properly

This 'pin' popped up on on my pinterest feed recently. Almost immediately I went to "like" it. Once you get past eyeliners in cool colors, I am someone who has trouble with make-up and understanding what all the different products... Continue Reading →

“I will eat all the cookies”: The Acceptability of Body-Shaming Women

Not too long ago, I was happily eating a cookie when a man informed me that I was allowed to eat cookies only because I went to the gym often. I immediately went in for a second cookie simply out... Continue Reading →

Magazines and Photoshop… What is the point?

BuzzFeed is an awesome place. It is usually just hilariously entertaining, but occasionally it really hits the gold mine.  Recently, I saw the title on twitter and later sat down to watch the very short (37 sec) video.  37 seconds... Continue Reading →

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