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Dear Male Colleague

I started writing this to a specific person after dealing with a situation I found difficult in my professional life.  But looking back on it, I think the message in this letter was bigger than just this one situation, it... Continue Reading →


Being a Boss with a Compulsion to Apologize

I'm not a huge Lena Dunham fan.  She's an outspoken champion for women, so I feel obligated to pay attention to her.  But her show hasn't enticed me; I read Not That Kind of Girl and personally found much of it... Continue Reading →

Professional Tips: small progress + the right tools

I've been totally swamped recently and while I have had many thoughts and articles I've wanted to write about... I am totally not ready.  However, there are a few things I have seen recently that I'd love to share!  Be... Continue Reading →

19 Practical Steps You Can Take to Making Your Workplace Better for Women

Inspired by 35 Practical Steps Men Can Take to Support Feminism, here are some practical steps men and women can take (and are taking) to make the workplace better for women that go beyond the obvious of don't touch, harass,... Continue Reading →

Opinion: Inspired by “Talking About Bias & Speaking While Female”

I want to thank TwoEsforMee for her recent post: “Talking About Bias; Speaking While Female.”  It made me think harder about many things we have discussed here on the blog and I want to offer a longer comment before all... Continue Reading →

Gender, Job Authority, and Depression

About two weeks ago a flurry of articles popped up regarding a new study showing evidence of increased depression in women holding positions of authority.  I found this idea intriguing but most of the news articles were short and vague... Continue Reading →

Bossy, Bitchy, Pushy

The research shows it and everyone has an anecdote: our society doesn’t like women who are assertive, aggressive, direct, or strong willed, even though these characteristics are accepted, even prized, in male leaders.  Instead, women are supposed to smile and... Continue Reading →

Agency in Corporate America

A few weeks ago, my company went through a second round of job cuts in four months. The week it happened, everyone I worked with knew it would be theweek, and we knew that Thursday would be theday that people... Continue Reading →

Poop Trenches

I drove home from work for a while worrying about what I would write about for my first post on this blog. Then one day, I drove home knowing exactly what I was going to write about. I sat in... Continue Reading →

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