H is an artist who also works in the technology industry.  H explores feminist themes in her artwork and is hoping to express some of those thoughts in words.  She is intrigued by how two very different worlds— art and technology—can be rife with the same troubling discourse of sexism.

L is a media producer and writer.  L loves to learn about and discuss all sorts of feminist issues, but is specifically impassioned about women in the media, women and technology, beauty and fashion, adolescent issues, and identity issues.  L also loves British television, nature, and poetry.

Lisa is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer with many interests. Discussing feminist issues in everyday life, pop culture, and the life she left behind in Ghana are just some of those interests.

M is a constant work in progress.  She is currently working on surviving in Corporate America.

Morghan got her first degree in engineering, then promptly went back to school for social science.  As a PhD student she reads far too many interesting things and has found an outlet for her commentary!  Expect a range of topics and maybe even some “interdisciplinary” posts.

TwoEsforMee is a medical student.  The medical fields may not at first seem to frequently interact with feminism and women’s rights, but many experiences appear every day requiring discussion and investigation.  TwoEsforMee hopes you enjoy the perspective of a woman in science!