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A field guide to the beach bodies of Oahu

I had the good fortune to spend a week in Hawaii back in January, although I'm not really a tropical island person.  I've never really understood the appeal of the beach  -- I sunburn instantly and don't really like being... Continue Reading →


Body Identity Crisis

Earlier this year, I discovered I have hips. I'd cleaned up my diet, bought a fitbit, and started noticing positive changes with regard to my health and well-being.  This, ironically, precipitated something of an identity crisis.  Let me explain. I... Continue Reading →

On Display. Existing While Female

I suppose this is sort of a follow up to my last post on Zumba.  I stumbled across a series of videos by Petra Collins (for BB Dakota) called Making Space.  They are basically the kind of short film I... Continue Reading →

Liberating Myself through Zumba

In the fall, I did something I had never done before.  I started taking Zumba classes at the gym.  Being in situations where I don't know the proper code of conduct and etiquette REALLY stressed me out.  And I'm also... Continue Reading →

In bid to win over female fans, Marvel unveils . . . Spider Woman’s naked butt?

After reading the previous post on the new Thor, I had to mention this latest comic book-feminism clash! Again Marvel is the center of criticism around its depiction of female superheros after it released the cover image for the new... Continue Reading →

Check out truth-speaking illustrations by artist Carol Rossetti

Have you seen these illustrations about women and their stories about their bodies.  Brazilian artist Carol Rossetti manages to capture the reality of the way women's bodies are objectified and used to oppress them . . . but she also... Continue Reading →

Meet Lammily

Have you guys heard the buzz about the new Lammily doll? The Lammily doll is a new doll created by artist Nicholay Lamm, that he designed to have the average body proportions of an American 19 year-old. When I first... Continue Reading →

Photoshop and Bossypants

A friend of mine started an impromptu book club by asking on Facebook if any of her friends wanted to read Tina Fey's Bossypants with her.  A bunch of us all chimed in that we've been wanting to read it... Continue Reading →

“I will eat all the cookies”: The Acceptability of Body-Shaming Women

Not too long ago, I was happily eating a cookie when a man informed me that I was allowed to eat cookies only because I went to the gym often. I immediately went in for a second cookie simply out... Continue Reading →

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