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Educate me about feminism

I read this pretty great post last week about trying to talk to someone about feminism and it basically summed up the types of responses men and even some women give in regard to feminism today. It can be so... Continue Reading →


Parent influences on girls and science- a scientific study

Through my Child Development textbook, I came across this interesting study regarding gender typing, parent influence and learning.  I have mentioned this concept before: parent behaviors and socialization has a direct effect on child behavior and achievement.  Thus, to save... Continue Reading →

Pink Christmas

With the holidays swiftly approaching (although by the looks of stores, the holidays have been here since October) I've been thinking a lot about gift-giving. Specifically, I've been thinking a lot about gifts for children. My boyfriend's niece, Annaliese, was... Continue Reading →

In Class: Infant and Child Education

I am currently taking a course on Infant and Child development here at school.  We've been discussing physical, emotional and cognitive development throughout the semester, but I want to relate a quick blurb from today's discussion. Topic: Autobiographical Memory Definition:... Continue Reading →

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