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Lean In

Opinion: Inspired by “Talking About Bias & Speaking While Female”

I want to thank TwoEsforMee for her recent post: “Talking About Bias; Speaking While Female.”  It made me think harder about many things we have discussed here on the blog and I want to offer a longer comment before all... Continue Reading →


Article Hit List: Depictions of Women in the Media

My brain is on vacation this month so here are a few stories that caught my eye over the past few months.  They're all loosely related to depictions of women in the media. A. Entrepreneur Barbie Mattel recently unveiled "Entrepreneur... Continue Reading →

Lean In: A Mini Review

Since TwoEsforMee started us off with Sheryl Sandberg and her Lean In campaign, and I just finished the Lean In audiobook, I thought I'd use my first post as a mini book review/commentary. Final verdict: Important message but flawed vehicle.... Continue Reading →


Recently,I was reading through my roommate’s Cosmo (not everyone’s favorite magazine, I know), and I came across a little piece about Sheryl Sandberg and her company LeanIn.  I’m still not quite sure what her company is because I was too... Continue Reading →

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