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Women are rockstars too!

I'm coming off my high of seeing Sleater-Kinney completely blow away Terminal 5 in NYC last weekend and thinking a lot about this article I read earlier this week about the lack of female musicians booked for festivals in the... Continue Reading →


Blogs We Love: TYCI

Hi all, Sorry I've been slacking on posts recently. Full time job + night classes + life = a lot. I thought it would be cool to start a new ongoing thread about other awesome feminist blogs that we find... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women’s Day!

I read this post yesterday and thought it was so spot on that I had to share: Why feminism still matters in 2014

Educate me about feminism

I read this pretty great post last week about trying to talk to someone about feminism and it basically summed up the types of responses men and even some women give in regard to feminism today. It can be so... Continue Reading →

Eco-Feminism – Just scratching the surface

L encouraged me to write about the environment and how it relates to women, specifically about female environmentalists that I may have known from living in Ghana or from my current work. This came as an interesting topic so I... Continue Reading →

Thank you to 2013’s women’s health heroes

With 2013 drawing to a close, I would like to thank those who stood up (both literally and figuratively) for women's rights this year. photo: Let's hope 2014 has some great things in store!

Pink Christmas

With the holidays swiftly approaching (although by the looks of stores, the holidays have been here since October) I've been thinking a lot about gift-giving. Specifically, I've been thinking a lot about gifts for children. My boyfriend's niece, Annaliese, was... Continue Reading →

Rebel against sexism

I could write pages and pages of adoring commentary about Janelle Monae and what a role model she is for women, minorities, musicians, artists, etc. Instead, I thought I would post this video and let her speak for herself: Continue Reading →

Are you a feminist?

L posted an article a few days ago "The Many Misguided Reasons Famous Ladies Say 'I'm not a feminist'"¬†and I've reflected on it a bit knowing that my first post was due for this blog. "Are you a feminist?" is... Continue Reading →

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